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Stoney Beck, Lake District

Stoney Beck, Lake District


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19-25 October, The Strand Gallery London WC2N, hosted by Afrikartgallerie.com facebook afrikart 2  

Live Painting Demo – Capulet Gallery London W4,  19th July 2015, 1-3pm

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The Big Painting Challenge BBC One February/March 2015

Painting Challenge BBC One February/March 2015I was one of 10 lucky finalists chosen out of 6000 applicants  to take part on the current BBC TV series ‘The Big |Painting Challenge’. The experience for me was out of this world and I have learned some wonderful lessons and made some lovely lifelong friends. You can catch up with the series on the BBC website here… bpc1 Here’s a clip from the show… http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02lbsnq  

Show Me The Monet, July 2012



“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny” – Ghandi    


  1. Anne Herbert says:

    testing all is well

  2. Afua Boiquaye says:

    I just recieved “Waiting for the Catch”. It was shipped from the UK to the US and it arrived in one piece, in beautiful condition and it looks wonderful. I love it. The colours and the patterns of the fabics the women are wearing bring back memories of my childhood. I have recieved a number of compliments on the picture already and I have had it for just 2 days. I am really pleased (thrilled might be a better term) with the picture. It almost feels like I have a small piece of Ghana in my home

  3. Anne Blankson-Hemans says:

    This comment was made by the client who purchased ‘Trees At Battle Abbey’ January 2012 (posted by Anne)

    Trees at Battle Abbey by Anne Blankson-Hemans
    “Loved the picture, exceeded expectations. The delivery was efficient and I was impressed with the excellent packaging, so no damage occurred.i liked the ability to browse on the Internet, and especially the rooms so you could have a sense of the size and impact a picture may have when hung. Found the site through google. Would be great if you did a basic framing service.”


    Ms A.R., Staines, Middlesex, 7-Feb-2012

  4. Anne Blankson-Hemans says:

    This comment was left by Jude & Jamie Gray, proud owners of Harbour Market atElmina II
    see their other comments here

    We tracked down this picture after seeing it on the Show Us The Monet programme and are delighted to be its new owners. It was just as it was shown on Anne’s website and her willlingness to help us view it was excellent. We are looking forward to her forthcoming exhibition.

    Jude and Jamie Gray

  5. wow!! your art is amazing i wish i had the money too buy one<3 xx

  6. Carla Leemans says:

    I am so pleased with my painting ,about women at the souk in marocco , it was a commision and it went so well , I asked her many times to add something and she was always gently and did it.
    I love the painting ,it is so colourfull and warm and verry expresif.Thank you for this work of art.

  7. c-kle says:

    am a young coming artist who just saw ur page on facebook and am attracted mum do visit my site http://www.c-kle.webs.com and see my stuff if i can join to the great vision you have pls
    my site will tell you all about me mum .like u n love your pics thanks

  8. Naana Orleans-Amissah says:

    I received a large, well-packed parcel this morning, that I had gifted myself! Anne B-H’s “Tomato Seller” has given me the sort of delight that ice-cream sprinkles, and sugar cane at the beach used to bring me as child, before I knew to mask the full tingles of pure happiness.

    My painting (I’m very territorial and referred to it this way even before I owned it!) is a reminder of who I am; the place I come from, the visual cues and rich saturated colours that markets all over Ghana are. I love the openness in the face my “Tomato Seller” – her strength, kindness and confidence. And the turquoise and reds… I feel at home with her, as if I am coming home to her, and as she will be greeting me every time I come into my hallway, I’m happy she’s from where I’m from.

    Anne, will you put up a photo of it? I am so very proud to own this. Thank you.

  9. pam stone says:

    Anne your paintings are fabulous, the colours so vibrant so full of light and energy they remind me of how I felt when I was in Ghana in 1958 .Your country so beautiful and the people so happy and friendly and your work is a great tribute to your homeland.
    Best wishes,

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